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Brand Ambassador


Thank you for your interest in our Brand Ambassador program. Below is an outline of; how to become an ALL EYES MAGAZINE Brand Ambassador, what is expected if you are chosen to help promote our brand and, benefits you'll receive if you maintain a good Brand Ambassador standing. 

How we decide on who would be a great Brand Ambassador for ALL EYES MAGAZINE.

No need to apply but must meet the following criterias to be considered (when we're searching for new brand reps):


  • Have to be following ALL EYES MAGAZINE on Instagram. 

  • Must frequently like and comment on our posts, which promotes good sportsmanship. 

  • Share our open for submission videos on your Instagram or any other social media. Sharing on your page or in your stories. 

  • Been featured in multiple issues our ALL EYES MAGAZINE, purchased hard copy and posted a photo and or a video to your Instagram and any other social media showing excitement to be featured. 

Things that are expected once you become an ALL EYES MAGAZINE Brand Ambassador.

  • Mention being an ALL EYES MAGAZINE Brand Ambassador in your Instagram profile.

  • Continue to frequently like, comment on our posts, and share our open for submission videos.

  • Share any active contest and promotions on your Instagram page and or story.

  • Post new photos on your Instagram page of being featured if requested to do so. 

Benefits for being an ALL EYES MAGAZINE Brand Ambassador.

  • Discounts on magazines features.

  • Discounts on the hard copy of the magazine featured in. 

  • Dicounts on any purchases of our spirit gear. 

  • A monthly gift from one of the following(magazine, spirit gear item, or any other item with our Brand on it). 

  • Quarterly prizes for over the top engagement!


Brand Ambassadors

    Brand Ambassadors

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