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Rep Your Step!


Our editor will be putting together a bi-monthly magazine in addition to our monthly open theme magazine. The editor will be selecting 1 individual from several countries to be featured. 


-There will be no fee to be featured in our Rep Your Step Edition.

-You can only be featured once a year. 

-If selected you will receive a free 2 or 4 page spread. That will be based on the amount and   quality of the photos submitted prior or upon requested. 

-You must have been featured within 6 months in our open theme magazine. 

-Those who selected the Cover Combo will be guaranteed a feature within 2 years of selecting the   Cover Combo. The Cover Combo selected past the 6 month requirement will be grandfathered in.

-All feature selection outside the free feature(paid features) gives a great chance to be selected. 

-Purchasing the hard copy and sharing on Instagram and tagging us will also give you a great   chance of becoming selected. 

-The digital copy will be free with the purchase of the hard copy of the Rep Your Step issue. 



Rep Your Step!
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