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Frequently Asked Question.



How do I submit?

Simply email 4-6 high quality photos to be considered. You can also DM your high quality photos to our Instagram page @alleyesmagazine.


Is there an age limit to submit?

As we are a kid/teen magazine, our age range is 0-19 years old. However, we do make acceptations up until 22 years old as long as photos are appropriate. 


Can I be featured in more than one issue?

Yes, but frequent models that select only to choose the free feature with no purchases will only be allowed to select a non free option.


When can I order the hard copy or digital copy of the magazine?

When the magazine is published you will be emailed a link to purchase. 


When is the magazine set to be published?

The magazine will be published no later than the 15th of the published month, however we always plan to publish before the first of month. 


What countries can the magazine be shipped to?

The magazine ships orders of all sizes worldwide, although shipping carriers and delivery times vary by country.


How can I advertise?

To advertise with us, just email us details about your business to

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