Anna Nicole Silverstone

6 years old from Colorado, USA.

IG: @annanicole_model 

Agency - Eden Talent 

Dress - Cynthia Rowley

Photographer’s Credit – @SilverstonePhotography

Anna is multi talented and active. She is passionate about Rhythmic Gymnastics @zararythmic, where she is being trained by top Olympic coaches, Zarina Izrailbekova @zarina1022 and Valeriya Davidova @lerusya97. Anna also LOVES to sing, dance, and perform live dance routines on stage. Anna is extremely artistic and incorporates her love of art into all of her hobbies. She is taught by talented artist Kadriya Shakirova at her @artisticfox Art Studio. Fashion/Modeling is Anna's greatest devotion. She is currently being represented by EADEN TALENT AGENCY @edentalentagency and is super excited about her future prospects.

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